Our product series

groku offers various product series for the three main product areas: round buckets, oval buckets, rectangular/square buckets.

Round buckets

We have two product series for the round bucket field:

EZE series
The containers are primarily designed for the food industry and stand out thanks to their plastic handle and light weight. EZE containers are used millions of times for various filling systems/lines; they have the standard dimensions specified by the food industry.

HOM series

The HOM series is very sturdy and can be used in difficult environments and applications. Some of the containers are available with metal and/or plastic handles, and are used in the non-food area.

Oval buckets

There are various product series in the oval bucket product group that were developed for various application fields in the chemicals and paint industries.

EOX series
This Expert oval bucket is the last innovation from the company groku in the oval bucket field; it has the following benefits: optimised for pallets (utilisation of pallets, stacking height), lower centre of gravity with improved transport behaviour, innovative lid-edge design, optimised mix results.

EOP series

Profi oval bucket - innovative closure system, customer-friendly, easy opening behaviour, absolutely leakproof even on colour shakers, wide and high advertising surface, consumer-friendly - DIY field

EOE series
This standard oval bucket stands out thanks to the following features: simply handling for standard applications, suitable for use on paint shakers, low stacking height – the classic one!

Rectangular / square buckets

ERE series
ERE containers are primarily used by the paint industry, and have the classic dimensions specified by this industry. The benefits of the ERE containers include their low height and therefore low stacking height, optimised pallets and easy handling.

EQE series
Square buckets are used in a number of areas to optimise positioning on pallets. Easy handling of these containers thanks to a flush plastic band or sturdy handle make these containers so versatile.