Product variants

The containers can be supplied in various variants. Customers can select a tamper-evident closure, an opening aid and a slide release cavity, and also a combination of the named variants. There are also various lid variants, such as sealed lids and mixing lids available.


Knowing that products are tamper-proof plays a decisive role in ensuring their quality, as it guarantees that there is no contamination of the content by third parties and that the contents are in perfect order and condition.


For end consumers, an un-tampered and originally-sealed lid means they can rely on the quality guarantee of the manufacturer.

Opening Aid

Should this be requested, we can provide your container with an opening aid or cavity. By means of this, the end customers can open and re-seal the container with greater ease. For numerous products, if the container has to be opened and re-sealed a number of times, the simple re-sealing of the packaging is an additional sales plus.

Peel film for buckets

So as to be able to offer large-scale consumers a high degree of user-friendliness, our food containers are suited for the use of peel film. The smooth sealing surface ensures optimal sealing, even with a narrow bucket rim.

The permanent seal films found on the market today are coloured blue. This colouring has the purpose of ensuring easy visibility of residual film, which can fall into the product when opening it with a pair of scissors or a knife. Peel films are pulled off in one go, without this requiring any tools and without any residues remaining.


  • Suited for standard food containers
  • Consumer-friendly opening without requiring any aids 
  • No film residues
  • No need to provide blue-coloured film
  • Optimal product presentation by means of highly-transparent peeling film