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The groku green loop: in just a few steps to our common goal.

Our contribution to our common goal: climate neutrality and optimal conditions for the recycling of plastic packaging.

Conservation of resources

Every one of us leaves a carbon footprint. At groku, we have long pursued the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum. As an ISO 50001 certified company, we are working to get better every day. We plan to meet the European Green Deal targets and be carbon neutral by 2050.

Recyclable packaging

Everyone wants it, we already have it: our packaging buckets are 100% recyclable and improve the material stream from the waste collection (for recyclable materials). Of course, you will also receive a corresponding climate protection certificate from us. Promised.

Use of recycled material

This is where the groku green loop comes in: As a customer, you can already find millions of our post-consumer recycled (PCR) packaging buckets on the market. Look out for the grey packaging buckets and make sure that these are recycled packaging made from post-consumer recyclate (PCR)! Then you are buying ecologically correct.

Climate neutrality

Our goal is clearly set: climate neutrality well before 2050! We have already taken this path and will initiate the next activities along the European Green Deal. We will keep you informed about what is being implemented or planned next.

Added value through secondary use

A bucket is versatile and after its first use, it often finds a secondary use as a storage container for gardening or as a plain DIY utensil. If you no longer have a use for it, put it in the designated plastic waste containers or hand it in at the recycling centre. This puts the bucket back into the recycling loop and saves valuable primary raw materials. As a side effect, you will reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Raising customer awareness

The current debate about recycled packaging and more sustainability helps us a lot, because that is how we make ourselves heard by our customers and the end consumer. We want to try to raise awareness and inform our customers in greater detail about the benefits of recycled packaging. Just follow our blog on Linkedin.

Reusable packaging

More and more customers and consumers are opting for reusable packaging, and increasingly so with groku buckets. We have a solution for your needs as well. Help us to use raw materials efficiently and to close the loop!

Follow the Green Loop
Follow the Green Loop