Sustainability with groku


Protecting the environment and increasing sustainability: An outcry that goes right through society. Many concepts for this have long been available in industry and have been integrated into everyday production. In order to put these concepts on the agenda now, a new way of thinking is also required among consumers. Those who want to make our environment greener should also be willing to rethink their immediate scope of action. This explicitly means that grey recycling packaging must achieve greater acceptance and normality among the population. The advantages of plastic packaging over other materials are so great that the market does not want to do without it. As you can see: Sustainability is also possible with plastic packaging.

Recycling economy

Help us to improve the recycling economy of plastic materials by recycling even more plastic materials and reusing them accordingly.

The technical requirements for the manufacture of recycling containers are in place and are already being successfully implemented – you too can rely on recycling containers from groku.

Recycling containers

•  Recycling rate of up to 100% possible
•  Colouring - grey appearance
•  Decoration possibilities – in-mould labelling
•  Certification – CO2 savings

Individual recycling rates and further colouring possible. No white packaging achievable.

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the availability of recycling containers according to your individual area of application.

Together we will increase the acceptance of recycled products, ensure an improved material cycle and thus act sustainably.