Made for Recycling

If you purchase containers from groku today, you are relying on packaging that supports our common goal of recycling economy. According to an investigation and evaluation of groku packaging by an independent third party, our packaging received the following rating:

“very good” in terms of recyclability
20 of 20 points

Use of the recycling seal

The recycling seal applies to both groku packaging from the food and non-food sector. Please note that the use of the seal is only permitted after prior consultation and approval by groku and the originator.

If you currently decorate your articles using the in-mould labelling process offered by groku, this will not have any negative effects on the recyclability.
Decoration using paper labels could have a negative effect on recyclability - contact us and we will be happy to advise you on how you can make your packaging even more recyclable.

Packaging made of recycled material

groku currently offers the possibility to produce packaging for the non-food sector from recycled material. The use of the recycling seal is also given in this case.
Please observe the instructions for the decoration of the packaging with regard to the use of paper labels.
Here, you can find further information on recycled packaging.